hei geo is a group of dedicated geographic information system (GIS) professionals, computer programmers, scientists, engineers and surveyors within Houston Engineering Inc. delivering innovative and quality geospatial, web, desktop and mobile geospatial solutions. The unequalled ability to conceptualize, develop and deliver geospatial solutions, whether routine, unique or exceptional, results from the integration of these disciplines providing unequalled insight into many different industries. What makes hei geo unique:
  • Experience working across both ESRI and Open Source GIS technologies. Clients come to us to get an objective recommendation of solutions that will work best for their organization. We'll recommend the best tool for the job!
  • Superior software development skills within desktop, web and mobile environments across multiple platforms, programming languages, database management systems and GIS technologies.
  • Integration services that tie GIS to business, government, water resources, engineering and environmental applications.
hei geo reflects years of growth, innovation, dedication and the need to deliver geospatial solutions as a stand-alone service. hei geo is also the result of the need for explicit recognition of the importance of the geospatial to business, government, science, and engineering industries.