About Us

Houston Engineering, Inc. is a full service engineering firm with offices throughout the upper Midwest. A regional leader in the industry, we continue to expand our client base across the nation and beyond. Today, as always, our focus is on our clients. We offer comprehensive evaluations and innovative solutions for your engineering challenges. At Houston Engineering, we have the talent, we have the technology, and we have the experience.    

Board of Directors

Jeff LeDoux Jeff LeDoux, PE, President and CEO Jeffrey LeDoux, PE, President and CEO, joined the company in 1988. Providing consulting services in practically all areas of civil engineering, he has worked with a variety of public agencies at the state, county and municipal levels. Jeff also serves other public and private entities, including developers, landowners, watershed boards, water management districts, and other specially-created entities.
Roger Hagen Roger Hagen, PE, LS, Vice President Roger Hagen, PE, PLS, has been responsible for project development, design, construction coordination and land surveys on municipal utility systems, rural water systems, private site plans, sport complexes, and land development. During his 35+ years with the company, Roger has managed numerous water, sanitary sewer, transportation, grading and paving projects; supervised field engineering and survey staff; and managed construction operations on several projects.
Rick St. Germain Rick St. Germain, PE, Vice President Rick St. Germain, PE, began his career with the company in 1984. He serves mainly on water resource projects, including environmental impact statements and assessments, channel improvements, municipal storm water systems, levees, watershed planning studies, wetland restorations, water control structures, lake stabilization and dams. His expertise also includes services for the rail industry, as well as leading the company's GIS sector.
Mark Deutschman Mark Deutschman, PhD, PE, Vice President Mark Deutschman, Ph.D., PE, joined the company in 1997 as its first branch office opened in Maple Grove, MN. He holds B.A. and Master's degrees in Zoology, and a Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering. Mark focuses primarily on water quality and natural resources-related issues, and is a strong leader in project planning, conceptual design, and stakeholder-involvement activities. He is literate with many watershed and receiving water quality and hydrology/hydraulics models, applied natural resource models, and complex statistical programs for analysis of field data.
Richard Gunderson Richard Gunderson, PE, Vice President Richard Gunderson, PE, manages the company's Fargo corporate office. He has 30 years of experience in design, layout, quality control, and cost estimating for numerous public and private infrastructure projects, with a strong working knowledge of land development procedures and requirements. As the leader of the company's transportation sector, Rick is highly focused in design and construction management for bridges, structural facilities, roadways, railways, local and arterial streets.
Gregg Thielman C. Gregg Thielman, PE, CFM, Vice President C. Gregg Thielman, PE, CFM, has over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining the firm in 1997, he managed the North Dakota State Water Commission's Devils Lake office. As a water resource engineer, he focuses on hydraulic/hydrologic design and analysis for numerous water resource projects. He has managed several Floodplain Map Modernization projects including Flood Insurance Studies and Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) that were developed as part of FEMA's floodplain map modernization program.
Jerry Bents Jerry Bents, PE, Vice President Jerry Bents, PE, joined the company upon receiving his B.S. degree in civil engineering from North Dakota State University in 1997. He provides consulting services related to the design, inspection and construction administration of numerous public and private clients, performing hydrologic modeling and analysis utilizing the latest software. Jerry specializes in watershed projects and is instrumental to flood-related services provided by the firm.