Anoka County Redesigns GoAnoka Park Portal with Web Appbuilder

HEI continues to assist clients with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS apps through the development of custom widgets. Esri continues to add more widgets to their suite with each new version and provide the framework to extent the software to meet organizational needs with custom widgets.

Recently HEI extended functionality within the developer’s version of the Web AppBuilder for the GoAnoka Parks App. A custom parks search was created inclusive of location, activities, and county filters along with detailed site location information such as amenities, directions via various forms of transportation, social media integration, slider-based site pictures, and more. In addition, HEI integrated a keywords search with the search widget and created a custom basemap toggle widget.

If the need arises in your organization for custom Web AppBuilder widget development, HEI is just a phone call away. We’d be happy to help!