Climata™ Software Suite

Climata-project-exampleClimatais an innovative software suite developed by HEI to streamline the process of finding and retrieving climate and water data from a number of national data providers. Data can be found an retrieved from the Applied Climate Information Service (ACIS), the National Water Information System (NWIS), the National Water and Climate Center (NWCC), and Agrimet and Hydromet. ClimataTM is a free demo application provided by HEI to show the power of web services and open data standards to combat growing resource concerns.

Give the Climata Viewer a test drive at:

Explore the power of ClimataTM by viewing one of the existing shared project or by starting one of your own with the available data tools. For even better results, real-time data retrieved using ClimataTM can be displayed in our WatershedViewerTM PLUS application.

The concept application is one component of a larger vision to improve the delivery of climate and water data to a broad stakeholder community that relies on data daily for decision-making. The Klamath Basin in Oregon and California has served as a study area, having suffered greatly with drought and water supply challenges. This is just one product developed by HEI that is consistent with President Obama's Climate Data Initiative. See for more information about this initiative. For more information about this vision, please contact Mark Deutschman, PhD, PE at 763.493.4522.