The Local Government Information Model(LGIM) is ESRI's comprehensive plan to provide a common platform for typical government department datasets and processes. The model was designed to help local governments run more efficiently, provide a platform for data sharing, and make application deployment easier and less time consuming.

There are many ways the LGIM could be a benefit to local government organizations but there could also be some potential downfalls due to the rigid nature of the model. So how does an organization leverage the LGIM to improve some of their business and GIS practices yet still keep certain components in place that are unique and important to them? Where does are organization begin? Heigeo can help you with these decisions and others to lead your organization down the right path !

Here’s how we can help:

  • Assist in LGIM GIS Data transformations
  • Modify LGIM apps to meet your organizational needs
  • Consulting - Help you with LGIM decisions and planning
  • Develop and deploy scripts for GIS task automation
Staff specialties include:

Strategic Planning, Implementation, GIS Data Conversion, and Support

  • ArcSDE™
  • ArcGIS for Server™
  • ArcGIS Online™
  • ArcGIS for Desktop
Custom Solutions:

  • Web mapping with JavaScript, Flex, and Silvelight
  • Mobile Development with HTML5, iOS, and Android
  • Tools and Scripting, with .NET and Python