Flood Forecast Web Application and Decision Support System

Location: Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN Red River Basin, USA Client: International Water InstituteThe Red River Basin Decision Information Network (RRBDIN) is a web-based Decision Support System (DSS) for managing communications, water and natural resources within the Red River of the North Basin. Following the 1997 flood, the lack of information proved to be a common issue for water managers. The RRBDIN was created to provide a one-stop information portal regarding water management within the basin. Information includes databases, references, technical tools, communication tools, and GIS data.The National Weather Service (NWS) is working to modernize their web products. They collaborated with International Water Institute (IWI) to develop a concept for the near real-time display of flood forecast information as a demonstration tool, using existing tools within the RRBDIN. HEI’s role was to conceptualize, develop, and implement a near real-time flood forecast tool within the RRBDIN. Development of the demonstration tool capitalizes on the use of existing high resolution topographic data collected by LIDAR for the Fargo – Moorhead metropolitan area. Tool development needed to be consistent with the important modernization efforts of the NWS. Several tasks involved in completing this project included:
  • Kick-off brainstorming meeting with the National Weather Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and local partners to assist with tool concept development;
  • Completing the conceptual design of the flood forecast tool;
  • Establishing a mechanism to receive and process NWS water-level forecasts;

Services Provided: