GIS Consulting

The value and power of GIS to organize, visualize, and analyze data is obvious. The innovative and talented group of GIS analysts, programmers, scientists, surveyors and engineers at hei geo can conceptualize, develop and implement your GIS solution. Our GIS Business Analysts not only thoroughly evaluate and design a GIS program or solution specific to your business process, but assess and define the software, hardware, data and staffing needs to serve either a portion or all of your organization’s needs. Our solutions are cost-effective and efficient and turn your datasets into actionable and understandable information, facilitating your decision making process. Download our GIS consulting brochures below:
Brochure 1
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Several types of GIS consulting services are provided by hei geo, including:

  • Enterprise planning, design and implementation;
  • Map production;
  • Data development;
  • Data processing and analysis,
  • Database design;
  • GPS data collection;
  • Desktop, web and mobile programming
Our solutions streamline your business workflow, save time, maximize the use of fiscal resources, reduce frustration and achieve spot-on results.The solutions recommended by our staff are drawn from a deep exposure to a range of service sectors and best practices.