HEI Awarded Contract with the MN Corn Growers Association

This project coined the “Tracking Conservation Success” project will result in an online conservation/BMP tracking database and web mapping application that is owned by and operated to meet the needs of Minnesota’s agricultural community. The applications will be developed in collaboration with the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resources Center (MAWRC) and the WI Discovery Farms program to support the needs of their on-going initiatives while also serving Minnesota’s agriculture.

Outcomes of the project will include:

• The ability to track and display existing on-farm conservation and BMP utilization, through both a database format and mapping application;

• The ability to track and display select on-farm characteristics (such as soil type, slope, and the location of critical features – e.g., sinkholes or groundwater protection areas), important for designing effective conservation measures;

• The ability to track attributes about each conservation practice and/or BMP, including length, area, effectiveness, and other key considerations;

• Easy entry of newly-adopted conservation practices and BMPs into the tracking system, through the use of a username-protected online system;

• The ability to publicize the on-going stewardship of Minnesota’s agricultural producers to key stakeholders, including other producers, the regulatory community, and the general public;

• The ability to support effective on-farm conservation design;

• The proactive pursuit of methods for crediting and communicating about conservation measures, led by the agricultural community, to support and inform other efforts; and

• The ability to provide quantitative data for the agricultural community to employ during TMDL development and implementation.