Klamath Basin Decision Support System and Web Applications

Location: Klamath Basin in Southern Oregon and Northern California Client: Klamath County The Klamath Basin Decision Support System (DSS) is the vision of the Klamath County Board of Commissioners. Simply put, their vision is to allow a broad and diverse audience to access a common base of resource data for the Klamath Basin. The belief and hope is that timely access to a common base of resource data, including information on water supply and use, future conflicts surrounding water and resource management can be minimized. With better communication, social and economic turmoil associated with water management decisions can be reduced. Providing seamless data in one portal will save time for those who need to access the information to make timely decisions. Development began in 2009 as a demonstration to show how resource data and information can be shared using current technologies. Development of the DSS has been guided by a formal document which identifies various future tools and applications. The pilot project was intended to encourage future applications focused on the Klamath Basin, using the framework established by this project. Klamath County retained HEI to conceptualize, design, develop, and implement the Klamath Basin Decision Support System (www.klamathdss.org). We developed the initial concept after working with a large and diverse Stakeholder group. The concept and probable future applications were described within the “Functional Requirements Document.” This document guides the initial and future development of the DSS by the Stakeholders. The initial DSS includes a tool called the “Watershed Viewer,” a basic interactive map application focused on water and resources in and around the Klamath Basin. Information about the amount of flow in a river, the elevation of water within a reservoir, the amount of moisture in the snow pack, and climate data, can be accessed. Land use and resource condition data become easily accessible, and water rights data can be displayed through the interactive map. Data can be layered with other information including tax lot boundaries and land ownership. The “Watershed Viewer” was developed with GeoMOOSE and MapServer to minimize initial software licensing as well as future maintenance costs. The future vision for the Klamath Basin DSS is to integrate hydrologic modeling with the web applications to forecast issues related to achieving the biological opinions established by the US Fish and Wildlife and National Marine Fisheries Service and water use needs.

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