Permit DB

Managing The Local Approval Conundrum The involvement of multiple Departments each with unique work flow processes, the mandate for an effective and efficient process often with statutory requirements, and the demand for immediate access to information can cause issuing your local land use, zoning and permit approvals to become a substantive conundrum. image001Those subject to and affected by your approval process typically have heightened interest in the approval issuance date and outcome. The decision makers, whether a Council or a Board, seek a transparent process with the communication of clear expectations resulting which demonstrate government responsiveness and accountability. Managing all of the various public notices, reporting requirements, communications, correspondence and reporting is a substantive and complex challenge. Our PermitDBTM web application allows you to effectively and efficiently manage the local approval process thereby avoiding the conundrum. Using the secure PermitDBTM application within a web environment allows for simultaneous multi-user input to and use of a backend database. A glance at the dashboard interface instantaneously shows the status of the approval workflow and eminent decisions needed to comply with statutory approval deadlines. User customizable forms available at the push of a button are used to correspond with and communicate decisions about the approval process to applicants. Whether accessed via your desktop computer, tablet or mobile device PermitDBTM places accurate and timely information at your fingertips. PermitDB™ incorporates years of practical lessons learned, experience and knowledge assisting government with planning for and responding to your complex approval needs.   image002Dashboard Interface – Instant Access The dashboard interface instantly provides a summary of the entire approval process at the push of a button. Because the dashboard can be shared simultaneously among multiple desktop clients at different locations, each staff member, Department or local government official becomes instantly informed of the current workload, expiration notices needing issuance, status of financial surety and letter of credits and the number of pending decisions. The dashboard provides immediate access to specific permits as well as automated reports and the integrated map interface.     Visualize Your Data - Map Integration image003Visualization of both pending and historic approvals utilizing the integrated map interface reveals spatial trends in the approval process and facilitates the efficient retrieval of information following approval. Pending and completed approvals can be mapped, queried and the contents retrieved, reducing the amount of time needed to search files manually, respond to questions, and close the approval process. Connected actions can be easily tracked with minimal effort.         One-Touch Access to Correspondence Templates PermitDB™ includes user defined, customizable templates for each key step in the workflow process. PermitDB™ includes templates in MS Word format for letters, memoranda, approvals and inspection reports specific to your approval decision process. Because these templates rely on the back-end database, information specific to the applicant is automatically populated. Templates you modify can be saved, retrieved and reused. An electronic record of all of your correspondence and communication with the applicant is saved and retrievable. Mobile Access PermitDB™ is accessible from your desktop computer in the office, from your tablet or your mobile device. Because the application is built using web friendly technology, you always have access to information stored within the back-end database. The result is immediate response to questions and the resolutions of issues while in the field. Inspection Integration Complete integration with an add-on inspection mobile application results in a truly life cycle solution for your approval process. Even in the absence of internet connectivity your inspectors can access and enter information from the field, ensuring full and complete compliance with the conditions attached to your approval. Information stored in the back end database is automatically synchronized when connectivity is restored. Completed inspection and corrective action reports can be accessed and printed. More Information More information about PermitDB™ can be obtained by visiting the website Web demonstrations can be arranged by contacting PERSON either by phone (NUMBER) or email (ADDRESS) PERSON.