Red River Basin LiDAR Viewer and Portal Applications

Location: Anoka County, Carver County, Ramsey County and Scott County, Minnesota Client: International Water Institute (IWI) The need for accurate elevation data in the Red River Basin (RRB) has been established following the devastating flood of 1997. Highly accurate elevation data is essential to improve disaster preparedness, protect existing infrastructure, plan flood and drought damage mitigation projects, enhance agricultural production, and strengthen decision-making capacity at all levels of government. The International Water Institute (IWI) was responsible for securing and coordinating funding, ensuring data specifications were met, and contracting with the private firm selected to collect the data. After the collect was complete, the IWI needed a mechanism to disseminate the data and allow users to view it. HEI was hired to develop an online LiDAR download portal application and a LiDAR viewer application. The applications were developed using ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 and the ESRI FLEX web mapping api. The first application is a download portal to disseminate LiDAR data for the RRB. It uses Bing Maps as the basemap service to give users a responsive set of maps. The second application was designed for users to view and print LiDAR products such as contours and shaded relief maps. Both applications were developed with the REST API and the Adobe Flex™ framework. Both applications include custom locate widgets that include zoom to geocoded address, county, watershed, or township/range. The applications also allow users to identify and place elevation labels on the map, print to pdf, measure, and markup and generate an elevation profile. Services provided by HEI included:
  • Installing and setting up new hardware to house the web application
  • Recommending and installing a low cost storage solution for the 4TB of data
  • Installing and configuring ArcGIS Server 9.3.1
  • Creating and generating basemap REST services
  • Designing and programming two separate web mapping applications
  • Training IWI staff
More information about the LiDAR collect can be found at their website.

Services Provided: