MS4Front™ Permit Management Software

MS4FRONT_LA_Booklet_5.6.13_Final_Page_01Cities across the county need a comprehensive solution to manage stormwater BMPs as part of the MS4 permit program. In 2011, HEI began developing MS4Front™, a web-based system to record all activities associated with the MS4 permit. The solution is currently being used by 40 cities across the United States to support and bolster their MS4 programs. At this very moment, our comprehensive solution is running in nine states! Put the next solution to work for your organization.

Features include:

  • Public outreach activities
  • Outfall inspections
  • Tracking the construction stormwater and post-construction permit program
  • Employee training activities
  • Pond and wetland assessments
  • Documenting stormwater BMP inspection and maintenance
  • Integrated GIS mapping capabilities

MS4Front-mapping-ipadMS4Front™ also tracks pollutant load reductions associated with the total maximum daily load (TMDL) waste load allocations. The system allows for centralized data storage of public and private stormwater BMP data. The private BMP component centers on the obligation of property owners with approved stormwater management plans to operate and maintain their stormwater management features.

Property owners can apply and receive stormwater utility fee credits for implementing effective management practices. The private BMP tracking system includes features to store information regarding the status of properties with stormwater utility fee credits and the condition of their in-place management practices.

In addition to the original web-based interface, HEI has also developed and marketed a popular mobile app, which allows users to access permit information in real-time from any location. It also allows users to easily report information from the field. MS4Front™ supports all major platforms and devices. Contact Joe Lewis, MS4Front™ Manager for a product demo or to answer any of your questions: 763.493.4522.