Low Cost Solution

TrueGIS offers a low cost solution that provides powerful tools to access and visualize critical information to a variety of users.
Navigating, searching and printing maps go faster giving your organization an immediate return on investment.

     Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use: Provide a map viewer to a variety of users
  • Full Suite of GIS Tools: such as Google style map navigation, searching, measure, markup tools and custom map generation and printing
  • Powerful and Flexible: View map layers and link to external files such as photos and drawings
  • Enterprise Integration with TrueBIll and TrueAIM. Also open TrueGIS maps from those modules.
  • Unlimited Data Layers: Manage and view data layers such as land ownership parcels, district boundary, farm fields, service locations, canals, engineering facilities and structures, environmental data, project data and basemap data.
  • Fully Supported with both ESRI and Open Source GIS software platforms.
  • Advanced GIS Tools: Generate mailing labels, quickly find facilities, structures and canals, toggle layers to make custom maps and detailed report generation
  • Quick Return on Investment: This low cost software solution will save staff time in finding and accessing GIS data.
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Brian Fischer
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     Many Users - One Powerful Tool

  • Administrative Staff - quickly lookup customers on a map
  • Managers - use the map layers for planning and budgeting
  • Operation and Maintnenace Staff - use the tools to find facilities, access drawings, and inspection records
  • Field Staff and Ditch Riders - access monitoring data and structure locations
  • Consultants can the tool for special projects
  • Local, State and Federal Agencies can collaborate and share GIS information
  • Regional Water Authorities share and access GIS data