Web Development

Every day technology becomes more embedded in our daily lives. The web is used not only for public outreach and information, but more and more for social interaction. Twitter and Facebook have changed the web forever, doing everything from coordinating flash mobs in shopping malls to toppling governments in the Middle East.

Beneath the surface, technology that powers the web is also in a state of flux. Some web services are migrating to the cloud, while others stay in-house on servers. What makes sense for your organization?

You need a partner that keeps its finger on the pulse of technology. You will find the partner you need in HEI GEO. Our staff is filled with forward-thinking, strategic technologists who build the right tools for your organization’s budget and needs.

Our geospatial group features in-house expertise in a diverse body of web technology.

Web Client Development:

  • Java Script/HTML 5
  • Silverlight
  • Flex
Client Libraries:

  • Esri API for ArcGIS Server
  • JavaScript, Silverlight, and Flex
  • Google Maps API
  • OpenLayers
  • GeoMoose
  • jQuery, Dojo
Back-End Server Integration:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • GeoServer/MapServer
  • ArcGIS Online