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Today there is an unprecedented amount of information available to help manage decisions. Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) has developed The Watershed Gateway™ to access and use available data effectively. The suite is a dynamic, scalable toolset to support the challenging job of managing water and natural resources.

The Watershed Gateway™ is a comprehensive set of technologies to create, retrieve, visualize, manage, and interpret information about climate, water, and natural resources. Use a single component of the toolset, or integrate several into a powerful decision support system tailored to meet your unique, specific needs.

What is The Watershed Gateway™ for?

The Watershed Gateway™ toolset can be tailored to meet any of your management needs. For example:

  • Web applications to share and integrate info to assess drought risk and water supply availability.
  • Visualizing near real-time flood risk.
  • Desktop tools and enhanced GIS products for planning locations and evaluating benefits of conservation practices (CP) and best management practices (BMPs) in rural landscapes.
  • Facilitating resource discussions and educating stakeholders to better understand resources.

 Learn more about each unique component of the Watershed Gateway™!