Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications give field staff technology at their fingertips, providing better access to data than ever before. The Watershed Gateway™ features user-friendly mobile apps that allow you to accesss Enhanced Geospatial Data Products, efficiently complete tasks in the field, and update office databases in real-time.

Using the same methodologies and infrastructures as our advanced web applications, we create cutting-edge mobile applications for iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones. HEI's in-house team of mobile developers bring life to complex applications using vast experience in a variety of programming languages. HEI employs a rigorous, iterative mobile development process that includes wireframing to ensure there are fast results with no surprises.

Depending on your project's requirements, your mobile application may be built as: 

  • A fully native application, leveraging the target device's native functions and user control libraries.
  • A partially-native application, leveraging the target device's native functions and user control libraries, but with dynamic data pulled from a web-based Web Services platform.
  • A thin client application rendered within a browser shell, with both the user interface and data pulled from Web Services.

HEI's Water Quality Monitoring™ mobile application provides complete and full access to your back-end database from the field. Data entered through the interface is automatically quality assured as part of the submittal process. Data failing to meet basic criteria are flagged for the user and rejected from submittal to the database.

So what are your mobile needs? HEI will help find the right fit for you!