Web Applications

Web applications and solutions allow watershed managers to provide timely and accessible information to multiple audiences. HEI’s applications are customizable and developed using either open source or Esri ArcGIS technology.

  • Watershed Viewer BASIC™ is our most popular application that gives users a set of base geospatial data layers to view, query, and interact with data for your area.
  • Upgrade to WatershedViewer PLUS™ by adding one or more enhanced GIS data products.
  • WatershedViewer PLUS™ can also include up to five user-provided vector or raster geospatial products.
  • WatershedViewer REALTIME™ integrates real-time resource information including stream flow, precipitation, lake and reservoir levels, and water quality sensor results.
  • WatershedViewer CUSTOM™ is available to design a fully customized solution to fit your workflow.

A number of additional web solutions are available to effectively fit your specific needs. MS4Front™ is a web solution to manage your municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit. The Flood Risk Manager™ is an effective flood planning and response application. Complete key tasks like pollutant source assessment, priority management zone identification, and BMP effectiveness planning using our customized products.